German A1.1 – Vocabulary sheets for spaced repetition

By May 5, 2020Beginner, Materials

Download vocabulary sheets

Here are the vocabulary lists from the A1.1 German course:

How to use these vocabulary sheets?

These sheets work best when printed out.

Step 1 – Translation

Write the translations of the words and phrases in the language of your choice on the right side.

Step 2 – Testing your knowledge

Fold the paper in the middle so that you can only see the German part. Time to test your knowledge. Read the German side first and try to say what it means. Turn the paper around to see if you know the correct translation. 

Step 3 – Level up

Read the translation first and then try to say it in German. Turn the paper around and check your answers.

Step 4 – Spaced repetition

Note down the things you still don’t know how to say in German and test them again after one day, after two days, three days, after a week, after two weeks and then again after a month.

Spaced repetition is a scientifically proven way to speed up the process of moving things into your long term memory. Develop a plan, stick to it – and watch the amazing results!

How to test yourself:

Test results in the moment of writing the translation
(i.e. Monday 1.4.)
Test results the next day
(i.e. Tuesday 2.4.)
Test results after two more days
(i.e. Thursday 4.4.)
Test results after one week
(i.e. Thursday 11.4.)
Test results after two more weeks
(i.e. Thursday 25.4.)
Test results after one month
(i.e. Saturday 25.5.)

How to fill out the boxes:

If you want you can also use other signs or even colors!

X – All correct!

/ – Partially correct.

■ – Completely wrong