Hack the German cases & adjective declension

By February 4, 2019Courses, Learn

Learn everything about the 4 German cases and how to decline nouns, pronouns and adjectives!

In this course I will help you to finally hack the German cases and declension, including the tricky German adjective declension!

This is probably the most in depth course on this topic that you will ever find. It’s something that you will be able to use from the beginning stages of your language learning journey – and something that you can come back to as a more advanced learner and as you make progress with time.

I have been teaching German since 2011 and in the last years I helped numerous students to finally get the hang of this, without learning huge tables by heart or learning endings endlessly without actually knowing what is happening.

I developed a different method of learning, understanding and memorizing the German declensions, and in this course I will introduce you to this completely different way of looking at this part of the German grammar.

I will also try to make it fun and engaging with lots of different example sentences, nice visuals and a few stories to spice it all up and help you remember it all easier. And most important of all – a lot of practice materials!

In this course, you will learn:

  • The Four German cases and exactly when to use each one
  • The Declension of German definite and indefinite articles and personal and possessive pronouns
  • The whole Adjective declension
  • Many little Tips and tricks how to remember it easier, avoid some common mistakes and learn faster and with pleasure

There will be NO:

  • No Boring rules
  • No Huge tables and a lot of endings you have to learn by heart
  • No Doing something without knowing what or why you are doing
  • No animals harmed in the making of this video

If you are ready to take your German to the next level – let’s go! 🙂